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What is Malegra?

Malegra medicines are used by patients who have problems in attaining erections and sustaining them. The name of the disorder is given as erectile dysfunction and it is also popular by the name of impotence.

People who have this problem suffer from the lack of erections despite stimulation. Using the Malegra to treat your ED you will not only be able to have erections but also improve your quality of erections and they are rock-hard and even you will be able to sustain them for as long as the Malegra pills are effective.

What does Malegra do?

Malegra medicines help you to attain and sustain hard erections. These generic Sildenafil Citrate containing pills that increase the blood flow to the penis tissues are manufactured and marketed under the name of Malegra by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

As soon as you take a pill of Malegra it takes some time generally 20-30 minutes for generic Sildenafil to become active post which you can feel the ease of having erections.

How Malegra works?

Taking a pill of Malegra containing generic Sildenafil will improve the blood flowing in the penis tissues. This happens exactly in the step by step fashion as mentioned below-

  • Being from the group of medicines called Phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor it will first deactivate the production and release of PDE-5 hormones in the blood.
  • This results in the formation and synthesis of guanosine monophosphate hormone that is released in the body.
  • Being disruptive it quickly turns into its cyclical version. Thus the cGMP or Cyclic guanosine monophosphate hormone is formed.
  • The abundance of cGMP hormone in the blood caused the trigger and activation of nitric oxide in the blood vessels.
  • Being a natural vasodilating agent will improve the blood flow into the blood vessels of the blood.
  • Due to the increased flow of blood, the penis tissues get sensitive.
  • Upon stimulation, you can easily get erections.

How long does it take for Malegra to work?

Malegra containing generic Sildenafil tablets take less than 15-20 minutes and 30 minutes at most to start showing its effects. If you want to take Malegra pills before having sex maintain this time and allow Sildenafil to become active in your system before having sex.

This will allow you to attain rock hard erections right away.

How Malegra treats erectile dysfunction?

Whether Malegra pills can cure your erectile dysfunction problem depends on two things. Firstly, it is the severity of the penis erections that can range from being mild to moderate or even be extremely severe.

And secondly is the underlying problem that has triggered your ED.

Now ED can be caused due to various physical and mental disorders.

Here are the common physical disorders that might trigger ED

  • Heart problems
  • Liver and kidney problems
  • Nerve diseases
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Severe low blood pressure

Some of the psychological problems that trigger ED but not in each case includes-

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Extreme stress

What is the Malegra dosage?

Malegra is available in the market in different doses. The Malegra 25 mg pills are the lowest dose that is generally recommended to patients with mild or moderate ED problems.

The Malegra 50 mg pills are given to those with moderate ED problems.

And generally, the Malegra 100 mg pills which are the heaviest dose for generic Sildenafil for the Malegra brand are administered to the patients suffering from severe instances of ED. All the dosage of Malegra given below:

  • Malegra 25mg
  • Malegra 50mg
  • Malegra 100mg
  • Malegra pro 100mg
  • Malegra 200mg
  • Malegra FXT
  • Malegra oral jelly

How to take Malegra?

Malegra generic Sildenafil tablets should be administered by mouth. These pills are intended for orally swallowing an entire pill with water.

Hence you are not advised to break, crush, or chew the Malegra pills. Alcohol and even some drugs can heavily contraindicate with Malegra pills or generic Sildenafil causing severe side effects.

How long will Malegra last?

Malegra Sildenafil pills (blue pills for men) last depending on the strength of each dose.

  • The Malegra 25 mg pills should last for around 4-6 hours
  • The Malegra 50 mg pills will affect for around 6 hours
  • And the Malegra 100 mg will last you for around 8 hours.

Malegra specification

Malegra pills contain generic Sildenafil that belongs to a group of medicines called PDE-5 hormone inhibitors. Its use should be done only when recommended by a doctor. Even during the treatment one should stay in contact with the doctor and inform of any side effects if any.

Malegra storage care

The best conditions for storage of Malegra pills are normal room temperature. Take care in the storage of pills and avoid extreme wet and humid conditions.  Care should be administered while choosing the place to store Malegra pills. Store it in a place where your children cannot reach.

Malegra side effects

Malegra side effects vary from being mild to severe.

Check out the various minor side effects as mentioned below-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle cramps and body joint pains
  • Dry mouth
  • Digestion problems
  • Lack of proper sleep

Some of the major complications of Malegra include-

    • Tightness of chest
    • Breathing difficulty
    • Blurred vision
    • Reduced hearing capability
    • Fast and irregular heartbeat
    • Chest pains.

Malegra interactions

  • Alcohol and drugs

Common interactions include alcohol and drugs which should be avoided at all costs. Talk to the doctor if you are heavily addicted to alcohol or take it daily. At least you should try to significantly reduce the daily use of alcohol and drugs. Never should you consume alcohol and drugs just before taking the medicines.

  • Nitrate containing medicines

Some medicines for treating heart ailments contain nitrate compounds such as nitroglycerine and isosorbide mononitrate and dinitrate that can contraindicate with generic Sildenafil.

  • Alpha-blockers

Some alpha-blocking medicines such as doxazosin and tamsulosin can interact which are used for curing high blood pressure and an enlarged prostate.

  • Antifungals

Certain antifungal medicines such as itraconazoleketoconazole have should contraindications with Sildenafil.

  • Antibiotics

Even antibiotics such as clarithromycin and erythromycin have shown contraindications.

  • HIV medicines

The use of HIV medicines such as ritonavir and saquinavir and telaprevir will also cause side effects with Malegra pills.

Malegra precautions

Preventing overdose

In any case, patients should avoid taking a higher amount of Sildenafil than what has been indicated by the doctor. Overdosing Malegra Sildenafil pills can cause severe side effects

Allergic to sildenafil

Being allergic to Sildenafil and taking Malegra pills can be dangerous. As the doctor, if you are allergic to Sildenafil or not.

Pre-existing diseases

If you have some severe complications of the heart, nerves, liver, or kidney you should maintain extreme precaution while administering the Malegra doses. Generally, look for alternate means of treatment is best.

Some other diseases include

  • Fibrosis
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Sickle cell leukemia

eye problems like

  • Retinitis pigmentosa
  • Decreased visibility

Missed dose

In case of a missed dose take it as soon as possible while maintaining at least 8-10 hours gap in between two successive doses.

Alcohol and marijuana or cannabis

Alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs like marijuana and cannabis can also trigger side effects if taken immediately after Malegra pills.


Pregnant women should take Malegra pills with utmost caution. Milk nursing mothers should not take Malegra pills at all.

Who should not take it?

People with pre-existing diseases of heart, liver, kidney, lungs, and nerves should not take Malegra pills.

What are the benefits of taking Malegra tablets?

Malegra tablets can help you to overcome the problems you are facing in having erections and sustaining them over a longer time. Generic Sildenafil while being active will cause harder and long-lasting erections.

Malegra tablets can be taken for a long term medicinal way of curing your ED with the least side effects. The prices are also affordable and comparable to the other brands of generic Sildenafil. 

What happened if Malegra overdosed?

Firstly, you should not take a higher dose of Malegra pills. Even in cases where you have taken it unknowingly inform the doctor at once. Malegra overdosage can crop in various side effects depending on the affinity of Sildenafil in your body and whether you are allergic to it.

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Malegra pills are an effective medicine that if used with care and precaution will help you to get the maximum positive benefits out of it. Even in certain instances, people have fully recovered from using Malegra pills after using them for a long period. Follow the doctor’s prescription and take at most one pill every 24 hours.

Malegra reviews

It has received positive Malegra reviews from most ED patients. After conducting several tests and researches it has been found that Malegra pills generally don’t have many cases of severe contraindications and side effects.

The prices of the pills are also low compared to the other generic Sildenafil brands such as Viagra.

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